There is more to PrEP than just getting a prescription. 

Get the right testing, monitoring, treatment, and services from Ontario’s most experienced & accessible team.

Real people are always here for you.

Call or text us at 416-420-1250. 7 days a week until midnight.


Get the right care.

Our team orders all the necessary tests for going on PrEP, including throat & rectal swabs. If treatment is ever needed for a result, we ensure you get the proper care.

You will be offered the recommended vaccinations related to sexual health including Hepatitis A/B and HPV. We also provide the vaccines free on-site at our clinic or you can get it done locally in your community.

Some patients who have switched to our care report some tests not being ordered, vaccines never offered, and ineffective treatment for sexually transmitted infections being ordered from their prior care provider.  

Disability Representation is important


Affordability support.

With our PrEPSaver Program most patients do not pay out of pocket for PrEP. Despite many online ads out there, patients switching to our pharmacy have told us we help make PrEP the most affordable in the province. Since opening we have helped save Ontarians over $275,000 on PrEP. Learn more about PrEPSaver.

The PrEP Clinic is also an accredited Ontario pharmacy (#307617) with an in-person location you can verify and trust to get medication from. You can verify an Ontario pharmacy at www.ocpinfo.com


Experience matters.

Since opening, our highly experienced team has provided over 3,000 online and in-person appointments and have started hundreds of Ontarians on PrEP. As a province-wide leader for PrEP, many health clinics and doctors refer their patients to us for our trusted care. (Although a referral is not required to use our services). 

We are proud to be the original Ontario-wide PrEP clinic with the track record you can trust.

We are the only province-wide service with prescribers working in HIV care in Ontario hospitals and with Certified HIV Pharmacists. Check out “What’s Safe with PrEP” here.


Always here for you.

We are accessible 7 days a week until 12am through text, phone, or email. Our team of regulated healthcare professionals respond to texts and emails within seconds to minutes. Test results are typically reported to patients within 24 hours of receiving them. No more waiting! Call or text us at 416-420-1250

We offer convenient daytime, evening, and weekend online appointments for anyone in the province. We also have in-person clinics in Toronto and Ottawa. Real people are always here for you. Meet our team here!


More than PrEP.

Prevention is more than just PrEP. We offer HIV testing and STI treatment to anyone – even if not interested in PrEP. This helps to target the 1 in 7 Canadians living with HIV who are unaware. Getting people on effective treatment can prevent HIV to be passed on (Undetectable=Untransmittable). We also provide care for HIV treatment including at-home injections

You can also take advantage of our free province-wide naloxone, condom, and lube shipping program. Anyone is also welcome to our online free mental wellness counselling sessions.

Pharmacist Drew Schonbe walking in the Pride Parade
Pharmacist Drew proudly marching during Pride in Central Ontario


Community supporters.

Since opening we have donated over $30,000 to HIV/AIDS organizations and are dedicated to meaningful long-term commitment. We are strong supporters of educating on U=U and fighting stigma.

Our pharmacy side includes experienced leaders who educate other healthcare professionals nationally on HIV, inclusivity in healthcare, and on LGBTQ+ health. We are the only Ontario-wide service where both our clinic and pharmacy are LGBTQ+ owned and operated. We are more than medication, and have the community in our hearts and are core to our service. Learn more about our LGBTQ+ history.

Go swab yourself.

Swab tests are essential while on PrEP. Learn about these important tests and how you can get them done through us.