If you’re not swabbing during sexual health testing, you could have an STI and not know.

Go swab yourself.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two common sexually transmitted bacterial infections. Often only a urine test is ordered to test for these but for many people this may not be enough. A urine test only checks that specific part of your body and doesn’t tell you if the bacteria is anywhere else. (Blood testing doesn’t check for gonorrhea or chlamydia.)

A person can test negative in their urine but still have it in their throat – or in their rectum. Sometimes people don’t even have symptoms in those parts of the body so they can pass it on to other people without realizing. The only way to know for sure is to get a throat and rectal swab. For >80% of our patients who show these infections in their swabs, it does not appear in their urine test result.

If you are performing oral sex or bottoming during anal sex, make sure to ask your care provider for swab testing. We are the ONLY online PrEP service that offers swab testing. Other clinics can miss diagnosing their patients as a result and give you false confidence of your STI status – this all increases the spread. Canadian guidelines for going on PrEP recommend swabbing all sites at risk. 

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