At-Home Injections

A new monthly HIV treatment is now available and we offer convenient at-home injections in the GTA or on-site at our Toronto clinic.

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There is a new way to treat HIV without daily pills.

There is now a once-a-month injectable HIV treatment available for adults. It is also now available as an injection given every 2 months. The medication is provided as two intramuscular injections that are injected at the gluteal site (buttocks). Prior to starting the once-a-month injection, patients will start on the oral tablet version for 28 days to ensure they tolerate the medication well before switching to the injectable form. Individuals who are already virally suppressed may be candidates for this injectable treatment.

Common Questions

The medication includes the two antiretroviral (ARV) medications cabotegravir and rilpivirine. Rilpivirine is currently included in existing oral tablet formulations. Cabotegravir is in the same drug class as other currently existing medications such as dolutegravir.

The medication is generally well-tolerated. The most common reported side effects include local injection site reactions.

Being Ontario’s leader in HIV care across the province we are now proud to provide at-home injection services for this medication. An experienced nurse will come to you once a month (or every 2 months, depending on how it is being prescribed) at a convenient time and provide the injection. You can also come to our Toronto clinic Mondays (6pm-9pm), Wednesdays (10am-5pm), or Thursdays (6pm-9pm).  

We launched this to improve injection access, limit potential hospital exposure, and ensure you are receiving the medication in a comfortable environment. The injection service is included with your prescription – there is no additional fee for the injection service.

Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), standards, and screening protocols are in place to address COVID-19 concerns.

Currently some private insurance companies are covering the medication either fully or partially. We are waiting for an update on whether the Ontario Drug Benefit Program will be providing coverage (this includes Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Seniors Plan, and Trillium Drug Program among others). If you are in the GTA and would like to transfer to us and keep you updated on this, please complete the form below to transfer your HIV treatment prescription.

Many people are satisfied on their current HIV treatment regimens, but some would prefer a once monthly injection. You can discuss with your HIV specialist or current care provider if this would be a good option for you. They can fax the prescription to us at 416-961-1250 and we will get in contact with you to discuss getting things ready and arranging for a future nurse visit.

For information on the release of the new injection, see this Cabenuva and Vocabria News Release from NewsWire.